Programs & Grants

Improving the health and well being of children and their families.


Over the past three years, the Ohio Children’s Foundation has awarded nearly $1 million in grants.

These grants supported organizations primarily focused on quality early childhood education. Of particular interest to the Foundation are children and their families whose circumstances make them vulnerable, at risk, or unlikely to receive services without our help. Grants during these three years ranged from $600 to $20,000.

The Foundation leverages its resources by supporting organizations which are working to create a public policy environment conducive to the long-term interests of children. In addition to grant support, we also provide technical assistance to advocacy organizations and have served on local, state, and national governing and advisory boards.

We believe that a good preschool experience paves the way for a child’s future success in school. Throughout its history, the Foundation has sponsored a number of initiatives to increase school-readiness, including home visits by kindergarten teachers to nearly 10,000 families, and the publication and distribution of a book to build pre-literacy skills in young children.